Recruitment Procedure

How we select

Recruitment Procedure

1. Sourcing Method

We have our own Data bank (Manual & Computerized Data base) for sourcing candidates (being a reputed manpower supplying agency daily several candidates register their candidature personally, by fax or courier, email) as well as our Local Agents working all over Nepal. In case of special categories, we advertise in the leading national daily newspapers and the response we receive owing to our honorable reputation and record of accomplishment is overwhelming. Preliminary short listing is done and candidates are notified via telephone/mail/fax and in case of outstation candidates through telegrams and / or letters courier, requesting them to report to our office for assessment by our highly qualified technical consultants.

2. Availability of Specialists

We have both full time specialists (Industry Specialists/ Technical Consultants) and others on retainer ship basis. They have wide experience in IT, Telecom, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Trading, Healthcare, Security, Media, Travels and Tours, Banks, Finance, Insurance, Retail and so on.

3. Methods of Authenticating of Applicants Qualifications

We have a list of all the recognized Universities, colleges and technical institutes in Nepal and if our technical consultants find anyone does not have knowledge about the subject and the jobs he can adjudge whether the certificate provided by the candidate is authentic or not.

How we process?

Candidates & Clients

Data Bank / Update
CV By E-Mail
Shortlisted Candidates according to Job Description
Interview & Screening of Candidates
Trade Test of Category Candidates
Profile of Shortlisted Candidates forwarded to Clients for approval
Final Interview
Psychological Tests (if required)
Medical Examination
Verification Check & Background Investigation
Orientation Program
Travel Arrangement

4. Selection Procedures

A. Documents
We collect two sets of documents from every candidate and the following details are collected from the candidate
1. Application Received (AR)Form
2. Passport- Original: For name, DOB, DOE, DOI, Place of Issue
3. Personal Details: Mother, Father, Spouse and Children for overseas
4. Construction Worker: Complete Resume of Candidates
5. Work Experience Certificates
6. Academic Certificates
7. Technical Qualification Certificates
8. Driving License if any
9. Ten PP size recent photographs
10. Medical Report
B. Scrutiny of CV’s Along with Documents
All preliminary scrutinizing of CV’s along with testimonials are done by highly experienced staff (Recruitment Coordinators) to check whether the candidate has given all his documents and to verify whether the candidate has the basic qualification for the relevant categories advertised.
C. Written Test (For Technical Categories)
We are conducting the written examination for answering our technical questionnaires objectives type, aptitude, and attitude test paper so as to enable us to judge their respective subject general knowledge and their writing skill. They should secure average marks in this test.
D. Screening and Shortlisting of CV by Concerned Specialist
Screening, assessment, and short listing for the data bank or for presenting candidates for final interview is done by our highly experienced technical consultants and if required sent for trade testing. Candidates are graded as per their professional and general knowledge, appearance, and ability to adopt etc.
Our grading is as follows:
A 76 % TO 89 %
B+ 66 % TO 75 %
B 55 % TO 65 %
C Not Suitable
E. Final Selection
The candidates short-listed by us are then presented to the clients or their authorized representatives for final selection. If entrusted, we are also capable of conducting final selection independently if proper job specifications are provided, ensuring the most stringent theoretical and practical trade tests (Applicable in case of overseas). As already mentioned we maintain the highest standards of selection of candidates without any partiality, strictly on their merit and officially submit trade-test reports for each candidate.

5. Medical Examination

We send candidates for medical examination only to the Doctors who are registered and are on the approved by the concerned country consulate. We have our registered Doctor who has well equipped clinic to conduct complete medical check-ups of the candidate.

6. Mobilization

We need minimum two weeks to mobilize candidates after the selection and receipt of visa for the actual deployment.
1. Pre – Departure Orientation:
Orientation is an essential procedure to recruit the finally approved candidates. We have our own recognized institute and have designed the courses according to the country to orient for the workers getting deployed for foreign employment. It is aimed to provide the knowledge of the immigration, the rules, and regulation of the concerned country, labor laws, along with ritual, social taboos, tradition and culture, and the basic knowledge of the language. Candidates will also get oriented to avoid misunderstanding with the local people and to maintain discipline, harmony between the migrant workers and the citizen of the country.
2. Post Deployment Arrangement
In order to insure hassle-free assumption of employment, Profile arranges with employers important relocation related matters such as accommodation, transport to and from work (if applicable), provision of food, etc at the initial stage.
3. Departure Arrangement
The travel arrangement is the final procedure. Before their departure, we make them the affidavit to be signed between the worker and the recruitment agency. After signing of the contract with the workers, we make travel arrangements. This also includes handling over all the documents (original passport, air ticket, and orientation certificate along with an orientation book) to the employee. As they are now ready to deploy, once again we brief the workers regarding the procedure to enter the airport, cross the immigration and the way during the flight to the destination. In addition, the procedure to clear the immigration in the destination, rules, regulations, traditions, culture, attitude towards the citizen and the other migrate workers of the concerned respective country. With the best wishes, workers leave to the airport for their destination.

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